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Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

Unwanted hairs distort the complete look of people and also make them uncomfortable and less confident. Laser Hair Removal therapy has proven to be a boon for all such individuals. Laser hair removal procedure involves permanently removing hairs from the unwanted part of the body through completely safe and painless method. Laser hair removal procedure also doesn’t takes too much of time and gives instant result. So get rid of all your unwanted hairs through laser hair removal technique only at Regenix clinic.

The ability to gain self-confidence by ridding oneself of hair in embarrassing places, and freedom from the monotony of shaving and periodic waxing are just some of the benefits individuals seek through laser hair removal. Laser Hair Removal has come long way from being a completely unheard thing to becoming the most sought after medical aesthetic procedure.

Laser Hair Removal has seen the largest growth in the domain of non-surgical medical treatments. Out of around 14.7 million such procedures performed last year, more than 2 million procedures were that of laser hair removal, signifying its growth and advantages.


Laser Hair Removal for Different Skin Types

Different skin types respond differently to Laser Hair Removal procedure. Henceforth it becomes quit necessary to have a proper consultation with the dermatologist before opting for this procedure. 

Brown or darker skins need to be paid extra care while undergoing any laser hair removal treatment. Laser Hair Removal therapy basically works upon passing of laser lights through the skin and concentrating them on the hair roots.

Indeed each skin color responds differently to concentration of laser beam as human skin have pigment cells that get activated while coming in contact with light. Fair or White Skin cells are less reactive to light whereas darker skin types are more reactive. Henceforth specialized intensity of laser beam is required depending upon the color of the skin for laser hair removal procedure.


Traditional Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal Therapy

People often opt for regular waxing sessions considering Laser Hair Removal procedures to be costly and time consuming. Whereas in all honesty, both of these perceptions are nothing but a myth. You not only save a lot of time but also considerable amount of money by opting for Laser Hair Removal procedures. Let’s take an example:

A normal waxing session costs somewhere around one thousand rupees at minimum and an individual has to go for these sessions for at least once in two months. So if we calculate that amount for regular intervals for one or two year then we very much reach to a figure that escalates above the cost for an average Laser Hair Removal therapy. Also it saves your time and keeps you always ready for to wear any type of clothes without worrying about flaunting your beautiful and smooth body. 


Why Regenix Clinics for Laser Hair Removal?

Before any laser hair removal procedure, a quality client consultation is necessary and should include discussions about client skin type, client expectations and conditions that can affect treatment outcomes.

By dividing skin tones into types 1-6, our aesthetic professionals at Regenix Clinic can accurately determine the best technique required for the specific client. Understanding the various skin types and conditions that can affect skin color is also essential for providing safe and effective laser hair removal treatments.

It is very necessary to understand that how Laser hair removal procedure will effect an individual very much depends upon how their skin gets affected by prolonged exposure to sun. Here is the table with various skin colors and their general traits.


Skin Type Skin Color Reaction to Sun
1 Very White or Freckled Always Burns/Never Tans
2 White Usually Burns/Sometimes Tans
3 White to Olive Sometimes Burns/Always Tans
4 Brown Rarely Burns
5 Dark Brown Very Rarely Burns/Moderately Pigmented
6 Black Highly Pigmented


Our expert doctors at Regenix Clinics very well understand the complications of Lase Hair Removal and also know the methods to eradicate all the problems and make it completely safe and effective. 

A Laser Hair Removal procedure under naïve hands can cause skin-burns as well as darkening of skins. So we strongly advise you to choose only the best and go for Laser Hair Removal Therapy only under the supervision of expert doctors only at Regenix Clinics.