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Hair Regain Therapy (HRT)™

Hair Regain Therapy (HRT)™

Hair Regen Therapy™ is a unique and effective feature of Regenix Clinic which offers innovative medical procedures, medicines and methods to not only check the Hair Loss but to also efficiently regenerate the hairs. 
To begin with Hair Regan Therapy™ we offer various hair loss stop sessions under the revered supervision of our expert dermatologists. These sessions help the patients to check his or her hair loss problem and effective remedies are offered for hair growth and restoration in possible cases.


The techniques used in Hair Loss Stop Sessions are:

  • Laser therapy (LLLT): A USFDA Approved Technique for hair loss stop and Regrowth is proving to be quite effective in checking hair loss problems. Laser Hair Therapy is actually a non-surgical, scientific approach for the cosmetic treatment of hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems. LHT has been tested for effectiveness and safety for over 30 years all around the world. It has been proved to give very efficient results in very short span of time.
  • Dermaroller: In this procedure Dermarolling is done over the scalp and various growth factors and nourishment aids are applied to the scalp which help in nourishing the roots and eventually thickening the hair over a period of several session sittings. Dermaroller is a widely used technique to rejuvenate hair nourishment and bring healthy hairs back to scalp.
  • Ozone Therapy- This therapy is very effective in stopping the Dandruff and minimizes the flakes and hair fall. Ozone therapy stimulates the hair follicles and stimulates proliferation of the cell through which the cell being fed increases thus hair loss is reduced. Also the effect of ozone on the scalp help to stop dandruff problems. The influence of ozone will accelerate hair growth by making hair follicles growth phase longer and shorter resting phase.

After duly checking the hair loss issues through these different methods we will use medical products and aesthetic remedies which would help to regenerate new hairs and would also thicken the existing hair follicles.
Regenix unique HRT™ therapy focuses on regrowth of hair through medicines and products. It has been proved very effective in the past and have given splendid results in all the possible cases.