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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in Delhi or Hair Transplantation

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a scientific technique through which individual hair follicles are implanted from a fertile part of body or scalp to the bald site. Generally the fertile part from which hairs are picked is referred as donor site and the bald region is referred as the recipient site.

Hair transplantation has gained momentum from last few decades after the invention of various medical techniques which are completely safe and highly fruitful. Modern hair plantation techniques give a completely natural look of the hair and have similar longevity.

Basically in hair transplant an expert hair surgeon makes best use of his skills to move hair from an area where hair is more plentiful and less likely to be lost to areas where hair is thinning or missing. This kinds of sets an equilibrium where the hair growth of complete region is made even and hence a naturally healthy hair look is achieved.


HD Hair Transplant

Basically all types of Hair transplant techniques are focused on the density of the hair. HD or high density hair transplant in Delhi is a technique through which large amount of hair follicles or roots are implanted on a balding part to convert it in to a natural high hair density region. HD hair plants completely transform the look of an individual and highly reverse this unwanted sign of ageing.

HD hair transplant exponentially enhances the look of any individual and restores confidence and pride. Any part of scalp with residing hair line can be effectively treated under the supervision of expert dermatologist to restore the hair and boost its natural growth.


Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE or Follicular unit extraction is the latest and most innovative surgical procedure for hair transplantation. In contrast to HD hair transplant it does not leaves any scar on the back of the head. Also it is considered to be a better and more refined technique because it is much faster has almost painless recovery.

Follicular unit extraction offers an almost in-differentiable natural looking hair line with optimal hair density and similar aesthetic results. Also what makes FUE more special is the fact that this procedure is virtually undetectable as extremely less invasive.


Strip or FUT Method

In strip or FUT method a complete strip of healthy hair from the back of the head is surgically removed and used for the treatment of baldness. The removed scalp is carefully stitched to close the space and the wounds thus caused gradually heals with perfect hair growth and leaves back only a very inconspicuous line, which would even be hard to find after a few years. Using the strip of the healthy hair scalp the expert hair surgeons prepare grafts or small patches under microscopic precision. Usually batches of one to four hair shafts are prepared through this procedure and then are applied to affected balding region. The complete surgery is performed under expert supervision and anesthetic conditions hence making it completely comfortable and tolerable.

The end result of this strip method is extremely good and appreciable.


Beard/Body Hair Transplant

This Type of transplant is done in cases where donor area is weak to shell out enough hair, so in this case Beard hair/Body hair can be extracted and used mixed with the original hair in order to give a denser look.


Hair Loss Treatment

Losing hair is as much a natural process as gaining them. Scientifically speaking, at any given time only 90% hairs of a healthy individual will be in the growing phase while the other ten percent will be in resting or declining phase.

Due to hormone testosterone, men frequently fall victim of a trait known as male pattern baldness. In this a men experiences balding in front and top while hairs on the back and sides of head are firmly held. This type of baldness is usually hereditary and progressive in nature.

Typically it has been seen that earlier the baldness starts more extensive it gets with age, hence a timely treatment of this type of baldness is very necessary to avoid future consequences. Even women are not alien to pattern baldness though depending upon their density of hair it may take time to notice the impact in such cases.

Other causes of hair fall include stress, pneumonia, diabetes and various other nutritional deficiencies. Cancer patients undergoing treatment also experience highest form of baldness which can be reversed through modern techniques of hair growth. Other than these, accidents, fire as well as cosmetic surgery can also cause severe hair fall in individual cases.


PRP – Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is a modern techniques to fight and eradicate baldness by making the use of high yielding platelets which are derived from patients own blood serum. The patient’s blood is processed to separate each part of the blood acquired from his body. The platelet rich plasma is thus separated and then used for to inject it into the patients scalp or any bald region.

This high platelet plasma boosts overall growth factors and enhances productivity of new hair follicle stimulating cells. PRP has been very much in use for wound healing and joint restoration from a very long period of time and lately has been diagnosed with this fabulous property of boosting new hair growths as well.

PRP technique can be used in tandem with other surgical hair restoration procedures or could be a very appropriate alternative for personals opting not to have a surgery.

These non-surgical injections of PRP are generally performed twice a year and yield very fruitful result.


Hair Loss Stop Sessions (HLS)

We also offer various hair loss stop sessions under the revered supervision of our expert dermatologists in Delhi. These sessions help the patients to check his or her hair loss problem and effective remedies are offered for hair growth and restoration in possible cases.

The techniques used in Hair Loss Stop Sessions are:
  • Laser therapy (LLLT):A USFDA Approved Technique for hair loss stop and Regrowth.
  • Dermaroller: In this procedure Dermarolling is done over the scalp and various growth factors and nourishment aids are applied to the scalp which help in nourishing the roots and eventually thickening the hair over a period of several session sittings.
  • Ozone Therapy- This therapy is very effective in stopping the Dandruff and minimizes the flakes and hair fall.

Alopecia Mesotherapy

This therapy is used for checking mass hair fall problems that refuse to be naturally controlled by the body. To be precise Alopecia Mesotherapy is given for patchy type of hair loss that occurs in Alopecia areata and can also be seen to be occurring in male pattern baldness.

Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair Transplant in DelhiHair Transplant in DelhiHair Transplant in DelhiHair Transplant in DelhiHair Transplant in DelhiHair Transplant in Delhi